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Public Courses Offered Through Omni Continental

Effective Paper Machine Maintenance

"Excellent job of presenting a complex technical subject to a potentially tough audience. An entertaining speaker."

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Paper Machine Operations  

"All the mill folk, top to bottom, should take this course"

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Troubleshooting the Wet End of the Paper Machine

"I would recommend this course to anyone with the drive to learn and improve their process - this course is a must."

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Paper Machine Management & Optimization

"Good resource material that will be helpful in the future."

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Onsite Courses Offered Through Omni Continental

One of the advantages of our on-site courses is that we can provide custom courses to suit your mill's needs. Omni Continental's working group consists of more than 20 world experts in a broad spectrum of areas including clothing manufacturing, coating, de-inking, drying, headboxes, instrumentation, kraft pulp mills, maintenance, pressing, quality control, wet-end chemistry, and all grades of paper and board from newsprint to SC-A.

Pulp Machine Course (2 days)

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De-inking & Wastepaper Handling (5 days)

Engineering the Paper Mill (15 days)

Headbox Fundamentals and Troubleshooting (3 days)

Machine Crew Training (5-10 days)

Paper Machine Management (5 days)

Paper Mill Management (5 days)

Practical Paper Making (5-10 days)

Rebuilding the Paper Machine (2 days)

Troubleshooting the Paper Machine (5-10 days)

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Directed Studies

Omni Continental's Directed Studies are individualized tutorials aimed at the person who would like answers to specific questions or learn more about specific subject areas. They are held at our office and are fully tailored to the participant.

Generally, Omni's Directed Studies are attended by one or two people from a mill who provide Omni with a list of specific areas they would like to investigate. From this list Omni develops a program comprising of daily discussions with our experts as well as self-paced study of key papers and educational material from our information base.

Omni Continental's Directed Studies program is ideal for newly promoted people or for those who need specialized information for specific projects. The program can last from 2 days to 6 weeks.

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