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Machine Management & Optimization

Topics Covered:

Every 1% of Machine Efficiency represents millions of dollars over the period of a year's operations. The expected efficiency of a machine depends on a number of known factors. Yet, there remains in the industry, a tremendous discrepancy between machines of similar grade and size in terms of their efficiency - a difference which costs some mills millions of dollars a month. The difference is found in the management of the paper machines within the mill.


The management of a Paper Machine requires an understanding of the unique set of rules which govern paper machine operation both from a technical aspect and from a management point of view. Failing to completely understand and appreciate these rules greatly restricts the efficiency of the paper machine and its crew.

The supervisors and machine crew can only run the paper machine as well as the boundary conditions imposed by the Paper Machine Management.Mill management must not only recognize the rules of machine management, but also put them into practice.

Who should take this course?

Mill staff that are directly concerned with the management of the paper machines such as: Production Managers, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Team Leaders and Shift Supervisors, along with those who need to understand management's concerns such as the technical, production and engineering departments.

Omni has the finest group of instructors working on one team. They strive to tailor the session to every individual participant's needs and interests.

Course Design:

This course is not a straight series of theoretical lectures; rather, it is interactive, drawing both on the practical experiences of the instructors and the theory behind their management solutions.

As this is an interactive course; we encourage opportunities to examine registrants' specific management problems either through group work or discussions. The benefits gained from this course will be immediately realized upon your return to the mill.


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"Getting experienced people together to discuss problems and solutions."

"Openness between instructors and papermakers."

"A wide variety of experienced instructors."

"Good resource material that will be helpful in the future."

"The format of this course encourages participation, which is very dynamic and informational."

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