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Nyle Parchim

Nyle has over 25 years of production management experience with Weyerhaeuser and Georgia Pacific as a Production Manager and Paper machine Superintendent.  This has included a variety of machine rebuilds and start up of a greenfield dual shoe press gap former as well as being named “paper Machine Superintendent of the Year” by the paper Industry Management Association.

Wayne White

Wayne has over 10 years production management experience including Machine Manager for Scott Paper for both Fourdrinier and Twin Wire machines. Over the past 11 years, Wayne has worked with clients on system design, machine optimization and machine audits.

Boyd Curtis

Boyd has over 40 years in the pulp and paper industry in a variety of manufacturying management roles including Paper Mill Superintendent, Paper Mill Manager and Production Manager.  During this time Boyd has had direct manufacturing experience with a wide variety of grades including linerboard, sack kraft, liquid packaging, fine paper and newsprint. 

Lionel Holland

Lionel has spent the past 35 years as a Papermill Chemist and is familiar with every aspect of the interrelationship between papermill chemicals and additives, paper quality and machine operation. He has worked in grades ranging from tissue to fine paper and board, with system chemistries ranging from acid to alkaline, and with furnishes ranging from de-inked to virgin developing control and troubleshooting strategies for various chemical systems.

Ken Larson

Ken has over 40 years in the pulp and paper industry in a variety of technical and production management roles including Paper Machine and Mill Manager for a variety of printing paper operations around North America. In addition Ken served as Voith Fabrics Western Technical and Applications Manager for 10 years working with clients in North America, Australia, and South America on a variety of board grades from Tissue to Linerboard.

Mike McCaw

Mike has over 20 years directly dealing with product development and optimization for various grades in the industry. For 8 years Mike was Weyerhaeuser’s refining optimization manager for their white papers division as well as some of their board operations. For the past 3 years Mike has been working with Omni Continental clients in refiner evaluation and optimization projects on a variety of grades from tissue to coated board.

Randy Kimpfbeck

Randy brings over 30 years in the industry with both a production management background in fine paper as well as an extensive product development and technical management role with Albany in Europe and North America. Over the past 3 years Randy has been working with Omni Continental clients in North America and Asia on a variety of training and process assignments.

Peter Muijters

Peter has over 20 years management experience in the pulp and paper industry including serving as technical manager and maintenance manager for coated woodfree and LWC operations.  Peter has extensive experience in the area of energy management and benchmarking and regularly performs energy audits for client mills in Europe and North America.

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