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Pulp Machine Course

Fundamentals of Design and Operation of the Pulp Machine

Course Topics:

On-site for your Mill Location

The effective operation and control of the pulp machine demands the skills and expertise of a trained staff who possess a grounding in the basic theories of pulp manufacturing and their practical applications. This includes operators, shift supervisors, process engineers, team leaders, the technical department and the maintenance department. In order to have effective pulp machine operation, you must maintain and increase the operating knowledge on the floor. 

This course will increase the mill staff's knowledge of pulp production and will insure, through its interactive format, that they can apply this in a practical and beneficial manner to the current operation, increasing both productivity and knowledge. 

The course will also give mill staff the background to evaluate current standard operating practices as well as system upgrades.

Who should take this course?

Mill Staff responsible for day to day operations who want a thorough grounding in pulp machine design and operation, including: Pulp Mill Superintendents, Machine Supervisors, Machine Operators, Customer Service Reps, Engineering and Technical Staff. 

Omni has the finest group of instructors working on one team. They will lead you to efficiency and quality paper.

Course Design

This course is interactive, drawing both on the practical experiences of the instructors and the theory and design considerations of pulp machine operations.

As this is an interactive course, there will be an opportunity to examine registrant's specific mill problems and concerns The benefits gained from this course will be immediately realized upon your return to the mill.

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