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Effective Paper Machine Maintenance


Topics Covered:

Optimizing Paper Machine Efficiency is one of the most important goals a mill faces today and your mill maintenance efforts can significantly impact overall productivity.

This course offers a big-picture view of modern paper mill maintenance while exploring predictive and preventive techniques in detail. Vibration analysis and on-line monitoring for runnability improvements are emphasized. Practical methods of determining your mill's maintenance performance and a survey of the numerical standards of 'world-class' operations will be examined.

The course material is a blend of practical, easy-to-apply theory, case histories and physical examples designed for hands-on participation.

Who should take this course?

This course provides a practical approach to improving mill maintenance. Mill personnel who would benefit from the subjects covered and examples presented include:

Why attend?

Omni courses are much more than a series of theoretical lectures. A forum for discussion, each course draws on the extensive practical experience of the expert instructors as well as the theory behind their solutions. The small class size and interactive format allow for and encourage examination of registrants' specific mill situations and problems.


"Excellent job of presenting a complex technical subject to a potentially tough audience. An entertaining speaker."

"Extremely interesting. A lot about vibration that I was not aware of."

"Super! Very knowledgeable, good presenter, good experience, gave information that I can use...outstanding!"

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