Topics Covered:

  • Diagnosing sources of MD and CD Variation
  • Headbox Troubleshooting
  • Charge Analysis
  • Wet End Chemistry - Retention/Sizing/Starch
  • Forming Section Troubleshooting Runnability and Sheet Formation Issues
  • Pressing Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Holes and Slime
  • Edge Breaks

Paper Machine problems from the stock preparation and headbox through to the press section cause lost time and results in lost income and lower quality, which greatly reduces your ability to compete.

Every hour of lost time translates into tens of thousands of dollars of lost income which makes it imperative that you and your staff possess the skills and knowledge needed to quickly and efficiently identify and solve those problems. This course offers you and your staff the opportunity to acquire that knowledge.

Who should take this course?

The course is aimed towards technical staff, senior supervisory personnel and production management. The registrant will broaden his or her papermaking outlook and meet an interesting cross-section of the world's papermakers.

Omni's group of instructors working on one team. They strive to tailor the session to every individual participant's needs and interests.

Course Design:

Omni courses are much more than a series of theoretical lectures. A forum for discussion, each course draws on the extensive practical experience of the expert instructors as well as the theory behind their solutions. The small class size and interactive format allow for and encourage examination of registrants' specific mill situations and problems.


"Not only does this course provide a good understanding, but provides good practical applications that can be taken back to the mill and implemented."

"This course opens your eyes to a lot of things...important things...that we don't usually pay attention to."

"A very good course for a variety of mill personnel - engineers, superintendents, and supervisors"

"Great cross-section of mills represented. Great course lectures. Very knowledgable and friendly instructors."

"This course opened up areas of obeservation or ideas on where and how to troubleshoot effectively."

 "Small interactive groups versus other industry classes. Omni provides more knowledge. Great learning course at all levels of experience. A good mill investment."

"More in depth than 99% of courses available."

"I would recommend this course to anyone with the drive to learn and improve their process - this course is a must."