Topics Covered - Examples

  • Approach Piping
  • Refining Effect on Paper Properties/Optimization of Systems
  • Headbox Design & Operation
  • Papermaking Chemistry
  • Forming Systems - Design and Operation
  • Press Section Design and Operation
  • Clothing management
  • Drying Section - Steam and Condensate Control
  • Size Press Operation
  • Calendering
  • Reeling and Winding

Who should take this course?


The course is aimed towards shift, tour and machine supervisors, as well as, new engineers, and senior crew members who may become shift and paper mill superintendents. The objective of this course is to improve the level of knowledge of the existing staff, thereby, improving paper machine efficiencies. The registrant will broaden his or her papermaking outlook and meet an interesting cross-section of the world's papermakers.

Omni has an experienced group of instructors working on one team. They strive to tailor the session to every individual participant's needs and interests.

Course Design:

This course is not a straight series of theoretical lectures; rather, it is interactive, drawing both on the theory behind their troubleshooting solutions. As this is an interactive course, there will be an opportunity to examine registrant's specific mill problems with regard to proven troubleshooting methods. The benefits gained from this course will be immediately realized upon your return to the mill.


"Covered every area of the machine in a practical way."

"This course was a great place to hear and experience problems and successes of mills throughout the world."

"Very informative, and Omni makes a sincere effort to answer all our questions."

"The personal attention to the problems that weren't specifically answered in class."

"Knowledgeable instructors with practical experience and solutions."

"Level of experience of instructors, as well as being up on recent developments."

"Paid attention to every aspect of Paper Machine Operations."

"I would definitely recommend this course because of the combined wealth of personal papermaking experience displayed by the instructors and the many opportunities for papermaking improvements shared."

"I can't think of anything the instructors failed to cover"

"All the mill folk, top to bottom, should take this course"