Juha Jarvinen

Juha has over 30 years of production management experience as both a paper machine and paper mill manager in kraft paper machine operations. Since 2019 Juha has served as senior consultant with Omni Continental. During this time he has worked with clients across North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East providing machine optimization support, process troubleshooting, mill and machine start ups and training and education delivery.

Randy Kimpfbeck

Randy brings over 35 years in the industry with both a production management background in fine paper as well as an extensive product development and technical management role with Albany in Europe and North America. Over the past 10 years Randy has been working with Omni Continental clients in North America, Australia and Asia on a variety of training and process assignments.

Peter Muijters

Peter has over 20 years direct management experience in the pulp and paper industry including serving as technical manager and engineering manager for coated woodfree and LWC operations.  Peter has extensive experience in the areas of maintenance management as well as energy management and benchmarking. For the past 15 years he has regularily performed maintenance and energy audits for client mills in Europe and North America through his company Q-Proc.

Johann Rudolph

Johann has over 30 years of paper making and production management with a variety of packaging grades with Mondi and MPACT mills in South Africa including as production manager. For the past 15 years Johann has worked with Omni Continental clients in Asia, South Africa and Europe in machine optimization and troubleshooting roles. He has also served as a senior course leader for Omni Continental course in Africa and Asia.

Cathy Bennett

Cathy has over 30 years of experience in the paper industry and has a background as both an industrial chemist and a educator. Over her career she has worked both in technical support with a variety of suppliers including Penford and SMI as well as technical and production management for in variety of paper companies including Mead Westvaco, Clearwater Paper, Neenah Paper, Appleton Coated. Over past 5 years Cathy has participated as a course instructor for Omni courses as well as providing technical expertise to clients in the area of paper chemistry.

Doug Nelson

Doug has over 35 years of experience in the paper industry with specific expertise in the area of process control and variability reduction. Doug has worked with a variety of companies specializing in this area as a senior consultant including Emerson, Entech and as a principle for 20 years with Pronamics Control. Through this period Doug has worked with Omni Continental and our clients in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. In 2022 Doug formally joined Omni with the introduction of External link opens in new tab or windowOmni Process Solutions, a sister company specializing in process control troubleshooting and variability reduction as well training and education.

Nyle Parchim

Nyle has over 30 years of production management experience with Willamette Weyerhaeuser and Georgia Pacific as a Production Manager and Paper Machine Superintendent. This included a variety of machine rebuilds and start up of a greenfield dual shoe press gap former. He is a former recipient of the “Paper Machine Superintendent of the Year” awarded by the Paper Industry Management Association. Nyle has worked with Omni Continental since 2004.

Mike Coughlin

Mike has over 40 years of production management experience with SAPPI and International Paper which includes a variety of roles including machine manager for coated fine paper and board machines. Mike was also lead corporate training manager for International Paper’s corporate training programs. Mike has been working with Omni clients since 2021.

George Wiley

George has over 30 years in the power and recovery management side of pulp and paper operations for a number of companies including Mead Westvaco, Clearwater Paper, International Paper and Evergreen Packaging. During this time he served as Power and Recovery Manager for a number of mill sites across the South Eastern USA. In 2019 George joined Omni and has been working with our clients in the power and recovery area in both training and education as well as mill evaluation.

Blair Rydberg
Blair has over 30 years in managing power and recovery operations with integrated pulp and paper companies including Tolko, Paper Excellence, CKPI, Peace River Pulp and Alberta Newsprint. During his time in industry Blair has been very engaged in both negotiation and management of power generation contracts with local utilities and in quality control and customer relationship management for kraft paper products. Blair joined the Omni team in 2024.



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